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One of the biggest disadvantages that a pick up truck offers is that it can be pretty difficult to load and unload heavy objects, especially when there is no loading dock to rely on or a crane in place to carry the weight of the load. By attaching a hitch lift to the back of the pick up truck, you will be able to effectively raise and lower heavy objects to the level of the pick up bay and be able to enjoy a much simpler way of loading than any alternative.

Functioning in exactly the same way as the lift on the back of a larger truck, a hitch lift is a simple to fit and simple to use device that will make a big difference to using a smaller truck.

A hitch lift can be fitted to a regular vehicle very quickly, and works from the standard power supply to allow you to lift up to 550 pounds of weight in a matter of seconds wherever you are.

One of the most impressive parts of design of the hitch lift available from most companies is that it has been designed with you in mind. Every aspect of the design of the unit has been carefully considered in order to ensure that it is as easy to use as possible. The actual platform is a generous 28 inches wide, and 25 inches deep, meaning that it can happily accommodate most load sizes easily. A built in ramp that is 7 inches wide and runs along the back edge of the platform to allow for much simpler loading and unloading.

The hitch lift secures to a standard 2 inch receiver bar at the back of a truck, and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. A 21 foot long power cable to connect the lift to the battery, and this is adequate for almost all vehicles. In order to maintain the best possible levels of stability throughout the operation of lifting items into the back of your truck, the lift has a pair of built in outriggers that enable the truck to remain in place, and prevent any instability that could cause the item being lifted to topple over while it is being lifted.

The actual operation of the hitch lift is a simple matter. A push button system raises and lowers the platform as required, and helps to make the lifting system as straightforward as possible. Although the lift is not as quick in operation as the larger systems that are fitted to full size trucks, it will allow for a much more streamlined delivery system to be implemented and reduces the need for a loading dock in order to lift heavy goods into place in the back of a pick up truck.

Back problems that have been aggravated by lifting heavy items are one of the biggest causes of time lost to industrial injuries. With this in mind, the hitch lift will allow you to enable staff to lift the objects that they need without using any effort that might result in getting hurt.

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