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Kia Forte Wins My Vote}

Submitted by: Pat Munro

Get to your local Kia dealership this New Year, and check out the Kia Forte. Kia has shed its dowdy, plain styling and average power under the hood for greatness. The Korean brand has to this point been known as a bargain basement type of vehicle, with cheap yet descent cars which never stood up to the big players like Toyota or Honda. The Forte changes all that, its still in the least expensive small car category, but has the elements of a more expensive vehicle. Previously Kias Spectra, the predecessor, wasnt a bad car, it just sat flat on the showroom floor. Its styling was generic, and its features werent anything to go running to. Kia put some long awaited effort into the look and features of their new Forte. It is a strong contender in the compact car arena, last year the 2010 Forte won the NADA award for most impressive styling, fuel efficiency, extensive features and a low price point. The NADA award is the automotive online resource for car buyers in the U.S.

Designed in California, the styling of the 2010 Forte has a nice wide stance reminiscent of the charger from the back, and the Honda Civic from the front. Despite the similarities the look is surprisingly upscale to each. Chunky fenders give the Forte a masculine look and feel, also the Forte boasts a tall roof and wider body which allows for some wiggle room for both the driver and passengers. It has loads of leg room for everyone and the rear seat fits 3 comfortably and did I mention the trunk is large. The entire Forte line has all of the standard safety features, all of the airbags, anti-lock brakes with brake assist and electronic stability control. Beyond the standard safety features all of the Fortes have Bluetooth, Sirius radio, auxiliary jacks, voice activation and steering wheel controllers. These arent standards on any other car or model at the Fortes price point. Ex models come with air conditioning and power accessories, the SX model along with a stronger engine comes standard with a sportier suspension, larger brakes and 17 inch alloy wheels. Come on, are you kidding me, all this for its great low price.

Now lets talk about whats under the hood. In its category consumers are pleasantly surprised by the driving satisfaction and sophistications than all others in its class. It boasts great acceleration, 60 mph in 8 seconds, a well responsive hydraulic power steering, great visibility and the firm yet comfortable ride. The four wheel disc brakes stop hard and confidently. I personally like the EX automatic Forte, it keeps the 2.0 liter engine but upgrades to a five speed automatic. It includes electric power steering, a smart alternator, low resistance tires and some aerodynamic enhancements. All this and its fuel economy rating is 27 MPG in the city and 36 on the highway.

Overall, I am impressed with the Kia Fortes style, comfort, value, warranty and fuel economy, plus its fun to drive. If anyone out there is looking for a fun little spit fire coupe or sedan it is well worth the trip to the dealership to look at and test drive. You wont be disappointed. Forget everything you thought you knew about the Kia brand, this bold, new compact car is going to change your mind and your life. I am looking forward to seeing what Kia has planned for its next unveiling, could it be even better?

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A Best Way To Check The History Of Used Cars

A Best Way to Check the History of Used Cars


Used Cars Ireland

As you have decided to buy a used car in Ireland and you need to verify car\’s history. Remember, it is very important to verify history of used car before you buy it. Actually, it will confirm that car is neither stolen and nor involved in any fraud. It will help you to make sure that you are going to safe purchase. Many sellers assure their customers that the car is fine, everything is okay and there is no fault. Even the dealers and sellers might not know the full truth. Best methods to verify a car history in Ireland is as under. is the only official website in Ireland with the updated car history check system. Be aware; do not take verification from any unauthorised dealer or seller, because they may show you wrong data, which has never updated.

Ask VIN number (vehicle identification number) from the car owner. Open motor check website and Insert the registration number in the box labeled \”Irish Vehicles\” and click Get Report. Remember Double check your VIN because the vehicle identification numbers contains many letters and numbers. It will display report showing Make, Model, and Year with some other important details as below.

* HPI check for outstanding finance?

* Has it been reported as Stolen?

YouTube Preview Image

* Is the logbook / NCT forged?

* Was it licenced as a taxi?

* Does it have valid road tax?

* Did it pass the NCT?

* What is its current value?

* What is the UK or NI history?

After online verification, you also verify VIN from the PNC (Police National Computer for recorded stolen vehicles) and confirm record with DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency). If you fail to inform DVLA before any deal, then you could be held responsible for any future motoring offences. Do not forget, you may need to check mail relating to motoring offences.

Before final deal you also take a road test with AA Ireland engineers. A new car history service started from AA Ireland, who helps you to ensure that the car you are ready to buy has passed road test and give you 175-point report.

Are you looking for used cars? Do you know of the advantages that come with these used vans? There has been great growth in the market that deals in second hand vans in the past few years. The reason behind this is the fact that people have come to realize that there are good second hand vans, in a good condition to drive. They have also realized that buying these automobiles comes with many advantages especially when it comes to saving money. This has also made it possible for the people who have limited funds to be able to buy a van of their own.

You are able to save your money through used cars Ireland when you decide to buy a used automobile. This is made possible by the fact that when you buy a new van, chances are that it loses its value quickly. This means that when you want to sell it after having used it for some time, chances are that you will get a loss when you sell it. This is not the case when it comes to used vehicles, as most of the time they prove worth the price that they are paid for. They are also good since they can have a good resale value most of the time.

Another advantage of used cars Ireland is that they can save one\’s money. There are those people who believe that buying a used van means buying one that is very old. This is not the case since there are people who always want to own a new van when it is launched. Due to this fact they are likely to dispose of their current vans and may end up buying such an automobile. Note that the difference in the prices is not due to the vans being bad but the fact that the vans depreciate. There are also high chances of getting a dream car at less price from the used vans in this country. Finally if you are learning to drive, there is no need of purchasing a new vehicle, what you need is a used automobile so that there is no worry if they are involved in an accident,

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