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Motor Accidents And Ctp}

Motor Accidents and CTP


Neville Wyatt

Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation

If you or someone in your family is injured in a road accident involving a car or motorbike, if you are a cyclist or pedestrian and you are hit by a car, if you have suffered because of an accident involving any motor vehicle, you can claim compensation. The law requires driver in NSW to carry Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. Even if you were partly at fault in an accident, with the help of a specialist personal injury lawyer, you can still make a claim for a compensation payout. This could help ease your pain significantly and help you recover.

Our roads arent always safe, but under NSW law, you can claim compensation for injuries caused by accidents involving all kinds of motor vehicles, not only cars or motorbikes, but also public transport (buses, trains, taxis, trams), bicycles, boats (including ferries), helicopters and planes. You are eligible for compensation whether you were driving any of these vehicles or if you were only a passenger or a pedestrian, or if you became involved in another way. You can still make a claim even if you were partly at fault if you were injured or disabled and experienced pain and suffering, you are eligible.

Accidents like these are covered by the Motor Vehicles Accidents Act (1988) and are managed by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA).

Injuries caused by accidents involving transport, like a car crash, being hit by a car, or being injured on public transport, can often have a major impact on your future. The help of experienced personal injury compensation lawyers can relieve a lot of that pain. At Wyatts we understand whats happened to you and can give you the legal support and advice you need.

What can I claim compensation for, after a motor vehicle accident?

If you are injured by a motor vehicle, especially because of someone elses negligent driving, you could claimo compensation for many reasons, including:

Costs of rehabilitation and medical treatment

Future costs of long-term care

Wage loss, past and future

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Loss of enjoyment of life

Pain and suffering

Loss of superannuation benefits, past and future

Legal costs

If you have suffered injury because of someone elses negligence, call us now.

How much motor vehicle accident compensation am I entitled to?

In road accident cases, whether you were a driver, a pedestrian or a cyclist, there are two kinds of compensation: Economic Loss and Non-Economic Loss.

Economic Loss means the earnings you have lost because of time off work after the accident. To be eligible for compensation for Economic Loss, you need to prove you have lost some of your earnings, by showing payslips, tax documents or invoices.

Non-Economic Loss refers to payouts for medical care, pain and suffering. In NSW, you are eligible for up to $477,000 for this, but the exact amount will depend on your particular situation.

Even if you were partly at fault in an accident, if it caused you to lose money, you can still claim compensation.

Can I claim compensation for an accident that happened while I was travelling for work?

Yes. If you have experienced pain, suffering or disability because of an accident that happened while you were on your way to work or from work, or you were travelling for reasons related to work, you can make a Workers Compensation claim. Whether you were travelling on a bus, a train or a ferry, or you were on the road in your own car or a company car, your employer will probably have workers compensation insurance for your travel. At Wyatts we are highly experienced in Workers Compensation and personal injury claims. Click here to visit our Workers Compensation page.

How do I make a motor vehicle accident compensation claim?

Motor vehicle accident claims, like all compensation cases, carry strict time limits often you have to make a claim within 3 years of the day the accident happened. If you are eligible for compensation, should seek legal advice as soon as you can. To contact the motor vehicle accident compensation lawyers at Wyatts, call 1800 773 880 or email us to make a free appointment for a first consultation. Our car accident compensation claim specialists can assist you 24/7.

The first thing that will happen is that an initial compensation claim will be lodged immediately, which will allow payment of your medical costs up to $5000.

Your motor vehicle accident compensation case will also greatly benefit if you:

Report the accident to police, if the police arent already involved

Obtain contact details of the other driver, details of their vehicle (registration number, car model, etc.) and the details of their insurer

Obtain contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident

Why choose Wyatts as motor vehicle accident compensation lawyers?

Wyatts have more than 50 years of combined experience in personal injury cases. On our staff we have accredited specialists in personal injury law, as well as a team working specifically on motor vehicle accidents and CTP claims. Experience and dedication matter in compensation law, because insurers often fight back hard against compensation claims and every detail of your case needs to be argued very strongly.

Being hurt or disabled in a road accident is always distressing, but Wyatts take pride in offering clients personal legal service, getting results that help with recovering and easing pain. Our service is focused on our clients. Well never treat you like a number.

Every first consultation with us is free for all motor vehicle accident claims and if you are disabled we will travel to your home, no matter where you live. Wyatts Compensation Lawyers have five offices, conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, Kogarah, Parramatta, Liverpool and the Brisbane CBD. You can book an appointment for our Sydney CBD, Parramatta or Brisbane CBD offices or call Wyatts at any time on 1800 773 880.

The Wyatts motor vehicle accident and personal injury lawyers can assist you 24/7, in whatever language you speak: we have in-house Mandarin and Tagalog translators and we can arrange translators for other languages at any time.

And for motor vehicle accident and personal injury claims, our policy is No Win, No Pay.

A successful motor vehicle accident injury case

Here is a great example of how Wyatts can help you with your motor accident compensation claim. Our client, Mr. Jessel, suffered an injury in a car accident and claimed damages for his pain and suffering, but the insurer disputed the extent of Mr. Jessels injuries. Our successful challenge won our client a large compensation payout. Click here to read the judgement of this case, which Wyatts took to the Supreme Court of NSW and won.

Call Wyatts Compensation Lawyers today on 1800 773 880 or book an appointment.

Wyatts have a team of 8 compensation lawyers including an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, and can provide legal advice in a number of other languages including Mandarin. Wyatts have 5 offices and operate right across the Sydney metropolitan area, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Recovering Your Missing Vehicle

Recovering Your Missing Vehicle


Jenna Rivers

The most common method that vehicles get lost is through theft. Every half a minute in the United States a vehicle is stolen. The situations that lead to vehicle theft differ. It could be that a person got access to the car simply because it was parked at a public place and hotwired it. It may also possibly occur innocently such as an auto shop releasing a vehicle to the wrong person. Vehicle theft also applies in circumstances where children get access to car keys and take the car on a drive without the guardian\’s permission. It is usually aggravating to have a car stolen especially where need for its use is important or where the car had been used as collateral for a loan.

Police Report

Step one in recovering a lost vehicle is always to report the matter to the nearest police station. Law enforcers have the authority and essential facilities to be able to pursue the matter. It is a legal entitlement of a citizen to have their property covered by the State. The motor vehicle identification number, model, make and color are usually the details you surrender to the police. The police will feed the automatic theft database with this information. The database will contain a section for search license plate number that permits the police to track the vehicle.

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Insurance Agency

The next thing should be to make a similar report to the auto insurance agency. Quite a few companies operate lost and found vehicle databases. It is possible to search license plate number in the same database through the application of reverse license plate search. The lost motor vehicles may then be traced back to their original owners in accordance with personal information, for instance addresses indicated in the record.

The insurance company in addition registers the theft against the vehicle\’s identification number in their records. This acts as a caveat to any person to whom the vehicle is purported to be sold. Additionally, it inhibits transfer of ownership from the aggrieved person to a third party.

Personal search

In the mean time the aggrieved owner might also take part in the search for the lost motor vehicle. This is completed online. There are a variety of websites that help trace lost vehicles via a reverse license plate search. This exercise can be carried out cost free or can be permitted at a prescribed fee. All the owner must provide is information regarding their vehicle identification number and they will get information currently on record concerning the status of the same car.

The police and the insurance company play a key role in the recovery of lost cars. The police act under an obligation from the State to protect private property and therefore have inherent authority to

search license plate numbers

. Insurance companies deploy

reverse license plate search

to first confirm the theft allegations and thereafter help the owner in the process of recovering it.

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