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How To Attract A Man Emotionally? Ways To Pull Him Closer To You

As women we all know that men tend to be very visual. They are initially attracted to a woman based on a strong physical connection. They see someone who catches their eye and they seek out more. That’s more than likely what happened with you and the man you’re with now. But the sad fact is that long term relationships don’t blossom based just on physical attraction. There has to be more there. That’s why so many women are asking the question of how to attract a man emotionally. Understanding what you can do to create a strong emotional bond with the man you’re interested in can help you change the entire scope and future of the relationship.

Learning how to attract a man emotionally begins with recognizing the power in catering to his ego. Most men aren’t nearly as confident as they’d want us to believe they are. They struggle with self esteem issues much the same way we do. When a man doesn’t feel as though the woman he’s involved with sees him as her personal hero, he’s not going to feel that strong of an emotional attachment to her. That’s why it’s fundamentally important for you to make him feel special and valued at every opportunity. Share with him that you find him more desirable than any other man in the world. Make it clear that you value and appreciate everything he brings to your life. If you can do these things regularly, he’ll definitely start to feel emotionally connected to you in no time.

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Men want and need to feel that they are the center of attention sometimes. If you go on constantly about yourself and you don’t ask questions about him or seem interested in what’s going on in his life, he’s actually going to end up pulling away from you emotionally. When you two are having a discussion, ask him pointed questions about his life. Learn all you can about his work and the people that are important to him. Don’t push for details that he’s not yet ready to share, but definitely focus more on what’s going on in his life than yours. If he senses that you have a genuine interest in his life, that’s bound to help him to feel closer to you.

Always allow your kindness and compassion to shine through. Men are much more inclined to allow themselves to become emotionally attached to a woman who is genuinely nice. You can definitely attract a man emotionally by showing him that you are understanding, patient and kind. Almost all men want a life partner who has all of these qualities so show him that’s who you are and he’ll be drawn to you.

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Number Based Puzzles Are Exponentially Growing

Submitted by: Daniel Millions

The crossword and word search are two of the most popular logic puzzles found throughout newspapers and bookstores around the world. However, in recent years, number-based games such as Sudoku, Futoshiki, and Kakuro have become increasingly popular.

Sudoku is the most mainstream of the three, at least in the United States. The game is a grid-based number game, consisting of nine 3×3 squares positioned into a larger 3×3 square made up the subgrids. The objective is to fill each column, row, and subgrid with the numbers one through nine; each number can only appear once in each row, column, or subgrid square. Certain numbers are placed in squares to give a clue to the person playing the puzzle. Difficult is dependent on the number of freebie numbers given, as well as their location.

The puzzle is relatively new compared to other classic puzzles, and didn’t take off in popularity until 2005. Even though it’s popularity has only recently peaked, the game was invented over 20 years ago. It was originally invented by an American; Howard Garns is attributed with developing the puzzle game, which he named “Number Place.” The misconception that the Japanese invented the game comes because the game was popular in Japan under the name Sudoku, or “single number,” long before it made waves in America.

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In 2004, Sudoku began its rise when it was first published in a British newspaper in November 2004. The game quickly developed into a national phenomenom. The puzzle finally made its back to the United States again. By this time, it was more than just a trivial puzzle game. Sudokus puzzles are now seen in magazines, books, video games, and TV game shows.

Due to the puzzle’s amazing success, there are a variety of variants that have popped up. Sudoku puzzles can be created in several different sizes, provided it’s a square number. Grids such as a 4×4, 16×16, and even a 25×25, can be found for a alternative challenge to the traditional puzzle. There are also several other restrictions which can complicate the game, such as requiring that numbers only be used once in each diagonal as well, or substituting the numbers with symbols, words, or pictures.

Futoshiki is very similar to sudoku, except placed on a 5×5 board with no subgrids. The objective is to place the numbers one through five in each column and row. However, there is one twist; there are inequalities placed between grid spots that restrict which numbers can be placed where. If there’s a sign placed in between the squares, a number must be “less than” or “greater than” the number placed in the adjacent square.

Second only to sudoku, kakuro is another one of the most popular number-based logic puzzles. The black-and-white colors looks very similar to a crossword puzzle. Unless sudoku where no arithmetic is involved, kakuro requires math to solve. The objective for the player is to reach a certain sum (the clue) using the numbers one through nine no more than once each. All open squares must be used, which complicates the player’s ability to reach the sum. If the clue sum was seven, there are several options. They could use a one, two, and four, or just combine the one and two into a three that requires only one square.

These relatively new number-based puzzle games have been extremely successful. As they continue to grow in popularity and complexity, expect them to one day surpass the word-based games such as word searches and crossword puzzles.

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