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Develop Effective Communication Skills Through Listening

By Barbara White

Effective communication skills must include the often forgotten skill of listening. Listening skills are rarely taught, and yet are essential for good communication. Many people are poor listeners because of mental blocks that they have that prevent them from listening. This article explores some of these important blocks to listening.


The block of comparison makes attentive listening very difficult. Comparing involves the listener to compare during the conversation to determine who is more intelligent or more competent, themselves or the other person. Some people try to decide who has undergone more suffering or who the greatest victim is. While the other person is talking, the listener is thinking, Could I do it that well? I have had it harder, they do not know what really hard is like The listener cannot listen with the complete attention because their mind is occupied in seeing how they feel they measure up to the other person.

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Filtering is when you listen to some things and not to others. You pay enough attention to see if someone is angry or upset or if youre in emotional danger. When a person is satisfied that the communication contains none of those things, they let their mind wander. People also filter to avoid hearing negative or critical things.


With this block you identify the things a person tells you with your own experience. They want to tell you about their vacation but that reminds you of your vacation and you launch into your story before they finish theirs. You are so busy with these exciting tales of your life that theres no time to really hear and get to know the other person.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal listening block also causes the listener not to pay attention to the speaker. The focus of their thoughts and attention is preparing a response to the speaker/. The listener may try to appear interested but their mind is thinking of story that they want to relate or the point they wish to make.


With this block your focus is on solving the other persons problems with offers intended to help and suggestions of alternative solutions. After hearing just a few sentences you already start looking for the right advice. While you are thinking up your suggestions and trying to convince the person to try it, you can easily miss whats more important. You dont hear the persons feelings and you dont acknowledge the persons pain. The person still feels basically alone because you couldnt listen and just be there.

To develop effective communication skills the listening blocks need to be removed Good listening skills are essential for the effective communication. The listening blocks mentioned in this are barriers to good listening. By having knowledge of these listening blocks is you have the ability to improve listening skills, and develop greater mutual understanding in your communication. The distraction and the destructive patterns of the thoughts, create barriers to good listening. Through developing good listening skills you will see great improvements in your communication capacity

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The Low Down On Coloured Diamonds

The Low Down on Coloured Diamonds


CozyCot Editorial

What’s your favourite colour? Well, whatever it is, there is very likely a diamond that will match it. Gone are the days when diamonds came in white …and white. Diamond collectors and occasional purchasers now know that they can acquire diamonds in any colour, and they make an exquisite change from the ‘white’ diamond.

Coloured Diamonds ~ Most Popular?

Most diamonds sold are in the range from nearly colourless to very light yellow, with colourless diamonds being the most valuable, simply because of the emissions and refractions of light that are absorbed by the stone.

Fancy coloured diamonds are becoming more popular and therefore will increase in value, because of their rarity and uniqueness value. These stones have foreign elements present in them, such as nitrogen and boron, elements that were introduced in nature’s wisdom as the stone formed deep in the earth.

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Laboratory Testing for all Stones

Every stone is laboratory tested by globally recognised laboratories such as GIA, HRD, AGS or IGI. These laboratories test each individual stone and credit it with certification such as a Diamond Certificate or Dossier, depending on the diamonds carat weight. Documented on the certification will be an ID number, the 4Cs, which are cut, clarity, carat weight and colour.

The value and therefore the price of a fancy diamond is as affected by the 4Cs as a clear or white diamond. The polish will be different in that the manner of polishing is done to enhance the colour of the stone. Intensity of a colour determines the price of coloured diamonds, the more the intensity the higher the price of the diamond.

Primary Colours

A fancy coloured stone will be described as a stone in it’s primary colour with no secondary colour. For example, a fancy pink, a fancy blue or fancy brown, a chocolate coloured diamond that is becoming ever more popular.

Fancy Colour Grading

White diamonds intensity grading ranges for the D to Z, whereas Natural Fancy colour diamonds are graded a either Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Vivid. The more in-depth the colour, the more value is placed on the stone and the higher the price you will have to pay!

Polish and Cut

The most popular cut for fancy coloured diamonds are the cushion or radiant shapes which appear to bring out the best in fancy coloured diamonds and is polished a manner that is unique to coloured stones.

Skilled cutters, such as the master craftsmen at My Diamonds, use their knowledge and skill to cut each diamond to enhance it’s inherent beauty. They will shorten the optical light through the diamond, thus creating the reflective exquisite sparkle that attracts us all.

Skilled cutters combine their technical knowledge with their deep passion for diamonds which unlocks the beauty from within the diamond. The four main factors in the colour of a stone is the hue, tone, saturation and distribution.

My Diamonds Fancy Colour Loose Diamonds

The beauty of online diamond retailer My Diamonds is that they have access to a source of wonderful coloured and white diamonds from all over the world.

Along with their collection of superb pre-designed jewellery, they offer the purchaser and collector the opportunity to choose from any stone on the world’s market.

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Spending A Day At Allure Day Spa Can Make You Beg For More

By Steve Kent

First impressions are important. The minute you step foot into Allure Day Spa you will notice the calmness in the air and realize that you have arrived at the right day spa. You will come to experience the focus on grooming and pampering unlike any place you’ve experienced. With a personable and experienced friendly staff, you will be getting personal treatments such as waxing, massage and facial at a very professional level.

Professional But High Quality Treatments

The esthetic Allure Day Spa is owned and operated by April Nurse who is dedicated to give her customers the most professional and highest quality of treatments. She in fact is very well qualified to practice and not only is she a certified aesthetician but is expertise as a laser technician. It is this secret that she helps you to gain beautiful, youthful looking skin from her personal aesthetics and daily regimes.

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Cellular nutrition is featured at Allure Day Spa and needless to say, they use the best approach by treating customers with a holistic method. April is a firm believer in nutrition and feels that it is very important to the well being of a person and preservation of their beauty. Other services offered at Allure Day Spa include manicure, pedicure, add-on Callous Care, waxing, tinting and facial.

Here is a wonder description of her pedicure. They will purify and condition your feet by soaking in a calming blend of aloe and witch hazel extracts. Imagine the fragrance of soothing plant derived aromas that feature the delights of rose, vanilla and lavender which helps to unwind your body and mind. It continues with leg and foot pressure point massage, cuticle, nail and light callous care followed by polish and speed dry which only takes fifty minutes.

Can you feel the wonderful effects now?

You cannot leave Allure Day Spa without experiencing their massages. They offer full massage services that include Reflexology, Swedish, Pre-Natal, Sport, Aroma Therapy, Therapeutic and Shiatsu. As a customer, you will get all the pampering to be expected at one of the finest day spas including relaxing herbal teas and healthy treats that will provide the foundation for their many treatments. If you happen to come to Allure Day Spa by way of their Gift Certificate you will be greeted with warm smiles as you prepare for your treatments. Just remember to pick up another Gift Certificate for one of your special friends.

If you have never spoiled yourself at Allure Day Spa it would be like an going to an oasis in the middle of a hot barren desert only to find a refreshing atmosphere surrounded by friendly staff to please your welcome. After getting your facial, you will want to preserve that glowing healthy look which will last for days by investing in their wide selection of beauty products available only at Allure Day Spa.

One of the bigger surprises is that you’ll love their prices and you’ll be amazed by the exceptional value your get compared with other day spas. If you are wondering about the services they offer here they are: hands and feet, waxing, tinting services, facials,massage services and ‘Girls Night In’ party. So if you are visiting Vancouver, British Columbia or happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area you owe it to your self to an unforgettable treat.

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