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Smart Tips For Finding Good Bargains On Fashion

By Marilyn Fay Morrison

In this modern world, men, not just women, are also getting conscious in the way they dress. The days when stylish men are being dubbed as gay are long gone. Now, even the most straight men love dressing up for everything.

The fact is that most fashionable people are more caught up in the person who made their clothes instead of the way they wear it. If possible, they will only wear clothing designed by the most popular brands in today. But the truth is that being fashionable is not about how much you spend on your clothes, or how many set of clothes you have. Rather, it is about one’s ability to mix and match clothes while keeping ones individuality.

The line of men’s clothes is getting more and more popular. Indeed, they have finally realized that their dress matters if they want to leave a good impression. Well, there are still some who simply prefer being fashionable because they want to, not because they need to. In any case, if you are fashionable and you want to save up money while keeping your fashion at bay, then here are some tips on how to look for good bargains.

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Looking for bargains in men’s fashion is very challenging. Cheap men’s clothes are very difficult to find. It’s a good thing there are ways in getting cheap bargains for men’s clothes. On the other hand, I am not just talking about second hand clothes. Most men’s apparel has discounts, too.

Let us start with the end of the year sale. Each year, popular brands in the malls are having clearance sales at the end of the year, or during the first month after New Year. They offer discounts for as low as 50%, and if you are lucky, you can get some for 75% off. It is during this time of the year when people rejoice at the sight of old set of clothes that will no longer be trendy in the coming year.

Furthermore, off-season clothes are also offered in stores with a discount. During winter, loose and light clothes are cheaper. Even if the clothes are off-season, they are most likely to be repeated in the next season since most fashion apparels are simply used over and over. Conversely, winter clothes, which are usually very expensive, are offered in a very affordable price during summer. You will get great bargains on boots, and thick winter clothes.

Stores online is also offering men’s clothes at a very cheap price. Compared to the stores in the mall, you can find clothes sold at online stores to be cheaper. It is due to the fact that these stores buy their products direct from the manufacturers, and they also do not need to pay for employees and rent.

With all these techniques on finding good bargains for men’s apparel, you can now look fashionable and stylish without spending a fortune. Looking good and feeling good has to come hand in hand. Last but not the least; do not forget about the comfort.

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Pearl Necklaces: The Perfect Jewelry For A Bride

Submitted by: Kellie Purden

In the olden days, it was customary for pearls to be sewn on the bride’s wedding gown as they symbolized purity, innocence, honesty and faith which befittingly described the bride and the couple’s new life ahead. Through the years, pearls have become the jewelry of choice for brides to don on their wedding day not only because of their traditional significance but also due to their elegant and classic overtures.

This century’s old tradition lives on in Pearl Accessory which offers the best price for your wedding jewelry arsenal with its wide selection of pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

After learning the difference between a freshwater pearl, an “Akoya” pearl, a Tahitian pearl and a South sea pearl, choosing the right pearl earring, pearl bracelet and pearl ring has become easier and simpler. But the process of choosing the perfect nacreous necklace entail a bit more study as there are a variety of lengths to choose from.

In choosing your statement necklace, you would want a piece that would stand out but would not catch unnecessary attention that it would draw the spotlight away from you. You would want a statement necklace that would blend in but would not get lost in all of those layers of delicate silk or chiffon of your wedding gown. Does it make sense? Depending on the style and color of your wedding gown, you would want a necklace that would complement your overall look.

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Pearl necklaces come in various lengths. There are the pearl collars, pearl chokers, pearl princess, opera pearl and pearl rope.

Let us unveil the mystery one strand at a time.

Pearl collars are 12 to 13 inches long and rest comfortably on the middle of a woman’s neck when worn. Consisting of 3 or more strands, pearl collars are ideal for wedding gowns with a boat neck, v-neck or off-the-shoulder neckline design.

Pearl chokers are 14 to 16 inches long and complement almost any wedding gown neckline.

Pearl princess necklaces are the most versatile which may be used for both high and low or plunging necklines. Length is 17 to 19 inches with 18 inches as the standard length.

Opera pearl necklaces are 26 to 36 inches long and may be used in a variety of ways. One long single strand, looped to create a double strand, knotted at the neckline or twisted above the bust to create a stylish, vintage look which has garnered quite a following from contemporary brides.

Pearl ropes start at a length of 37 inches. They may be looped to create a multi-strand pearl necklace, knotted in front or gracefully hung over the bride’s shoulder to sexily cascade over a backless wedding dress.

A woman’s wedding day is the most important day in her life. The bride wants and demands perfection from her flowers, wedding reception, bridesmaids’ dresses to the groom’s suit, more so with her wedding trousseau, shoes and jewelry. Her pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelet and ring should be nothing less than perfect.

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Turn Your Wedding Into A Tropical Paradise

By Michelle Lindsey

A popular trend in the wedding industry is destination weddings. Many couples find destination weddings to be convenient, less stressful, and inexpensive. The wonderful benefit to having a destination wedding is that the bride only has to worry about finding a bridal gown, wedding jewelry, and shoes because there is usually an onsite wedding planner that coordinates all of the other details. While having a destination wedding is the ideal situation for some couples, unfortunately, it is not convenient for others. What are some alternatives for couples that desire a tropical wedding within their hometown?

A couple might consider having their wedding at an outside location (during the appropriate season). With the combination of the right bridal attire, wedding jewelry, menu, and decorations, you can create your own tropical paradise right at home.

Bridal Attire

For a tropical wedding theme, appropriate attire for the bride would be a lightweight dress or a swimsuit and a sarong. The bridesmaids should wear attire that coordinates with the bride. The bride might consider intertwining a couple of banana leaves and creating a tropical inspired headpiece. Beach themed wedding jewelry is a suitable accessory. The groom and his groomsmen can get away with wearing a cotton shirt along with linen pants, khaki cut-offs, or tropical shorts.

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Wedding Jewelry

Flowers are often used in the tropics as accessories during special occasions. Other popular accessories are made of bamboo, cowry, and river shells.


Fruit is a necessity for any tropical event. Some of your fruit selections may include but arent limited to papaya, pineapple, mango, and strawberries. Seafood and pork are also very popular in the tropics.


Using fruit as part of your dcor is a sure way to add color to your event. You might consider using banana leaves as table skirts. This will also coordinate well the brides headpiece. It is also a good idea to incorporate decorations that tie into the brides wedding jewelry as well.

Although having a destination wedding has many benefits, it is not a practical alternative for some couples. Whether it is a financial, family, or work related issue, there are other options for couples to explore. It is important for couples to consider other options when making decisions about their wedding. Couples should pursue their dream of having a destination wedding by bringing the tropics to their hometown. Using the above suggestions and with careful planning it is possible to host a tropical wedding without leaving your own city.

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