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Bank Basics: A Short History Of Financial Institutions

By Rita Lowman

For centuries, banks have influenced the economies and politics of the world. Traditionally, banks originated as places where businesses could secure loans to purchase inventory, and thereafter collect the funds with interest once the goods were sold. The origin of the word bank is derived from the Italian word, “banco” or desk. During the Renaissance, Florentine bankers conducted their transactions above desks covered in a green tablecloth.

It has been speculated the earliest banks were actually religious temples in the ancient world, where deposits of grain and other goods were made. Considered sacred places, these temples were well protected from potential thieves. There are also historic records which point to loan activity extended by priests to merchants in ancient Babylon. Hammurabi’s Code, the oldest, best preserved law code in existence was created circa 1760 B.C. and includes laws which were used to govern bank operations.

Not surprisingly, the Ancient Greeks further developed the concept of banking. Transactions such as loans, deposits, currency exchanges, and more were conducted in temples as well as private and civic components. Evidence also points to the concept of credit. In return for payment from a client, a creditor in one Greek port would write a note of credit that the client could later cash in another port city. This convenient method saved the client from the danger of carrying coinage with him on his journey. Historic records indicate that a Pythius of the early 5th century B.C. operated as a merchant banker throughout Asia Minor.

The rise of the Roman Empire brought about greater administrative and financial regulations for banking. The charging of interest on loans was further developed by scrupulous financiers, making the system highly competitive. However, the bank system eventually broke down in large part to the Roman preference for cash transactions. Following the fall of Rome, Western Europe essentially abandoned banking. It did not experience a revival until the need for financing the Crusades stimulated its re-emergence.

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Interestingly, the world’s oldest bank has been in existence since its founding in 1427. The Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SPA (MPS) was created in the city state of Siena, Italy. The bank today is comprised of nearly 1,800 branches, 28,000 employees and more than four million customers in Italy and abroad.

Fast forward to Western banking history, which is generally traced to the coffee houses in London. Founded in 1565, the Royal Exchange acted as a center of commerce for the city. A hierarchy of banking started at the top with bankers who conducted business with heads of state, followed by city exchanges, and at the bottom, pawn shops. In 1609, the Amsterdamsche Wisselbank (Amsterdam Exchange Bank) was established, making Amsterdam the financial center of the Western world.

Concepts of capitalism extolled by Adam Smith, considered the father of modern economics, and the advent of the Industrial Revolution gave way to a massive growth in the banking industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the United States, the first banks required special permission from the state government to operate. The state’s supervision proved inadequate as individual banks began issuing their own notes. By 1860, more than 10,000 various bank notes were circulating throughout the country. Counterfeiting was rampant and hundreds of banks failed. Government reforms created a new system of banking which included an involved method for producing authentic bank notes.

With the onset of the worldwide depression in the early 1930s, banks took a hard hit, which led to Congress’ creation of federal deposit insurance. President Franklin D. Roosevelt oversaw the implementation of laws aimed at limiting risks to banks and restoring Americans’ confidence in the banking system.

Since then, banking has undergone a revolution with technology transforming the way Americans bank. First telephone banking, and then ATMs, debit and credit cards, have lead the way to new innovations. Today, online banking and electronic money are evolving. Banks strive to serve the greater public in a competitive market that ensures a safe and sound banking system. From religious temples and Italian desks to coffee houses and the Industrial Revolution, banking has forever changed the way we live.

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The Best Place To Find Joann Fabrics Printable Coupons

By Verny L

Struggling to find valid Joann Fabrics printable coupons online? You’re not alone, most people find it hard to find them armed with just Google or Yahoo, because a search typically returns outdated or invalid coupons. Personally, I tend to use a lot of these vouchers to save money on my purchases, so over the years I’ve bookmarked a few choice places to find Joann Fabrics printable coupons. I’m happy to share them with you, because I know just how important it is to save money these days on ever increasingly expensive items from JF. Here are the best sources of valid, reliable coupons.

The Best Sources Of Joann Fabrics Printable Coupons

The best place to start when you’re looking for Joann Fabrics printable coupons is their website. Surprised? I was too. Obviously you can’t just head over to their website and start printing off coupons, you actually have to sign up for their email mailing list to receive them. As you are signing up for their email mailing list, you’ll be asked to complete a survey of sorts, but at the end of it you’ll get a nice coupon for your troubles that you can use immediately on your next purchase. You’ll also receive regular email updates and coupons in the coming months on a regular basis, not to mention you’ll be notified of special events and offers happening exclusively in store. That way you can keep track of every savings opportunity.

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The coupon you will receive at the start tends to vary from month to month though, so if you don’t get an offer that’s relevant to what you want to buy, you might not want to wait for a couple of months to receive the coupon that you actually want. That was my problem as well when I first signed up with them, so I was quite delighted when I discovered that there are sites out there where people come together and submit their Joann Fabrics printable coupons to share with everyone else. These would be the next best thing, but obviously some of these sites are much better maintained than others.

Scams Involving Joann Fabrics Printable Coupons

Another thing you need to be wary of when searching for Joann Fabrics printable coupons are sites that claim to have “limited edition” coupons that they will send to you in exchange for your email and personal information. While these sites may look legitimate, once you submit your email address to them you will find that you will start receiving a lot of spam and junk mail in your email inbox. That’s because these sites will sell your email address to spam emailers, which may potentially expose your email to hacking and malicious viruses trying to invade your computer. Remember, a legitimate coupon sharing site will never ask you for your email address.

To keep yourself safe, stick to the tried and trusted Joann Fabrics printable coupons sites only. So how do you know which are legitimate and reliable sites?

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How To Clean The Blades On Your Oster Clippers Properly

Submitted by: Deshaunuv Couper

The question turns into a make a difference of which an individual do you use. With that in mind, this post addresses the top 4 most effective Oster hair clippers for horse grooming.

Even though Oster does have various models, there are particular ones that either are made with pet grooming in head or have a status for use amid experts. It ought to be adequate to analyze four of them briefly. If you have a horse or other pet, you will get the most value from acquiring a greater expertise of the selections that are presently out there.

Right here are the four ideal Oster clippers for horse grooming, in no unique purchase.

one. Oster Strength Max Clippe

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This design has a good document of reliability on the Oster line. It is offered with variable clipper speeds that give you significant array whether you need to have a broad cut or want to do some far more comprehensive trimming. It is also acknowledged for it s quiet motor and straightforward to use development. You won’t have to feel concerned about spooking the horse. Also, it aids that the light-weight product won’t depart you sore after trimming the animal from mane to forelocks. Every Power Max comes equipped with two alternative drive suggestions as properly as a #ten CryogenXblade full with AgION antimicrobial coating to restrict the growth of bacteria, mildew and mildew. This Oster clipper may expense you anywhere from $125 to $140.

2. Oster Golden A5 two-Pace Clipper (applying the #ten Blade)

The Golden A5 has been on Oster’s record for quite a few decades. The product has undergone some revisions in current decades, like the introduction of a new, serious-duty casing that has been identified as “just about unbreakable.” This trusted clipper is constructed to previous. There’s no need to fret about dropping it on tricky surfaces like concrete or even if your horse’s hooves step on it. It has two speeds the usual pace is great for common grooming though the 2nd pace, which is a third swifter, can be employed for speedy clipping. The #ten A5 blade is a requirement for horse grooming the Oster Golden A5 is outfitted with an individual. This a single is involving $160 and $180.

3. Oster Turbo A5 two-Pace Clippe

This product not only has a second speed that runs effectively through 4,000 spm, it is also specially created with a wider cutting surface so it can attain a speedier cutting time overall. Oster clippers like the Turbo are produced to slice via coarse, thick hair, an attribute that can make it fantastic for cutting longhaired horse breeds. You can get it in a kit just like the some others that comes with all the accessories you have to have. Value can run from $160 to $180.

four. The design and style of the Oster clipper may well involve both connected and detachable blade assemblies so cleansing them turn out to be significantly much easier.

Right here are a several simple actions to clean your clipper blades so they will stay in leading operating condition so they cut quickly and properly for smooth and precise trims:

Action #1

You ought to lay out some type of rag or clean towel on a flat operate surface.

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