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Vehicle Telematics May Help Reduce Traffic Accidents}

Vehicle Telematics May Help Reduce Traffic Accidents


Mike Trudel

Recent advancements in telematics have allowed vehicle manufacturers to catapult their products into science fiction-like quality. Experts believe in the near future we will see such technology as self-driving automobiles, automatic car rental systems and theft protection so advanced it will be virtually impossible to steal a vehicle and dismantle it for parts.

Vehicle telematics are already being applied in ways the average American driver might never guess: collecting road tolls, pricing auto insurance and tracking fleet vehicle locations. Additional applications include recovering stolen vehicles, providing auto collision notification and location-driven driver information services (in particular, dedicated short range communications or DSRC). Then, there are early warning notification alerts, remote diagnostics and on-demand navigation. The list of ways in which telematics are utilized just goes on and on.

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Many scholars believe this kind of technology will be increasingly applied to road safety and, thus, one of its main applications beyond entertainment, convenience and repair systems. Because of telematics’ ability to make possible the interchanging of electronic data between previously unconnected devices, it may play an important role in reducing – someday even eliminating – injuries and deaths related to traffic accidents. Gadgets like connectivity devices and advanced Global Positioning Systems (GPS) extend beyond their convenience value; they are, essentially, beginning the application of research that may eventually save lives.

Short range wireless connectivity protocols have transformed the business community, but for those who want to stay connected during commutes, there’s more than just that option nowadays. Connectivity devices produced by specific manufacturers now connect not only to hands-free telephone equipment but also to music players, smart phones, handhelds and music phones. For the slightly more demanding business consumer, in-vehicle, high-value satellite modems link up with two-way satellite modems designed for use with low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite networks, enabling remote asset tracking and global monitoring. Leaving a small footprint, these satellite modems were developed for the Machine-To-Machine (M2M) market and “modem only” applications.

Telematics modules may satisfy the consumer craving more enhanced in-vehicle connectivity and safety. Such modules integrate phone capabilities, global positioning satellite receivers and digital signal processing to enable communication between vehicles and response centers. By accessing a vehicle’s data bus, the response center can provide navigation assistance, remote diagnostics, remote door lock/unlock, and other services for better safety and security. The GPS can provide vehicle location identification, enabling a stolen vehicle to be tracked and emergency services to be accessed quickly. Collision detection and call center notification provide an added buffer of safety, and such systems can even be customized to specific vehicle architectures.

For the growing number of those in the business community who need higher-tech options to stay competitive, in-vehicle high-value telematics systems are available. High-value systems offer two-way satellite modems for communication over LEO satellite networks and a complete hardware solution to track, monitor and communicate with fixed and mobile assets around the world. Such systems may also offer bay compartments that allow for custom-specific hardware to meet those businesses’ individual marketing requirements. They are weatherproof, radio frequency (RF) visible and allow for the addition of wireless capabilities-a huge advantage in communications. Those in the transportation, heavy equipment, marine, aeronautical and other M2M markets stand to gain the most advantage with high-value telematics systems.

Computers can respond to a situation in approximately 0.3 seconds, as opposed to the human reaction time of one-half to one full second, according to a prominent researcher. If these sorts of telematics can be integrated into automobile systems to not only keep people connected, but to also help them avoid deadly traffic accidents, then society may be well on its way to living up to science-fiction standards.

Mike Trudel, Freelance Writer.

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Top 5 Areas In Bangalore To Buy A Property}

Submitted by: Sudhi Das

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is a haven for real estate market because of its improved infrastructure, enhanced civic facilities, better road developments and advanced rail networks. The realty market here, particularly the residential one, caters to diverse consumers including local buyers, working professionals and NRIs.

Since owning a property is a major financial move, almost all customers pay attention to the probability of appreciation of the locality. An apartment at the city centre is a great place to stay. However, it may not be the best investment decision as it is not likely to yield good return on investment, given its sky high price and comparatively lower future appreciation value. Areas at the outskirts of Bangalore have seen maximum appreciation in the past few years. As for example, plots at Sarjapur Road were available at Rs.200 per sq ft ten years back. The current price of the same plots has appreciated by at least 10-12 times.

During the past couple of years areas like Kanakpura, Sarjapur Road, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar, Jaya Nagar, Whitefield, Varthur, Mahadevapura, CV Raman Nagar, Uttarahalli, KR Puram and Electronic City have shown phenomenal appreciation and have emerged as the city’s main residential markets. Here is a list of top five destinations in Bangalore where you can own a property now to get good return on investment in the future:

Hebbal: The establishment of Bangalore International Airport has given a facelift to Hebbal, which has emerged as a preferred location for residential apartments in Bangalore. Major infrastructures and proximity to several technology parks, coupled with great connectivity have supported residential growth of this area.

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KR Puram: Located on the National Highway 75, KR Puram has always been touted for offering great connectivity – all via road, rail and metro. It provides its residents easy access to the airport too. However, the area’s demand lies in its closeness to the city’s major IT hubs like Whitefield, ITPL, Outer Ring Road and Manyata Tech Park. No wonder KR Puram and its nearby locations like Hoskote and Ramamurthy Nagar are the much liked residential destinations for home buyers.

Marathahalli: A centre for lifestyle and entertainment, Marathahalli is strategically located near to almost all the major MNCs that operate in Bangalore. Its nearby localities like Varthur, Gunjur and Munnekolala are the most sought after destinations for investors and home owners alike. Several real estate players are constructing residential apartments at Varthur Road, Bangalore which cater to buyers from varied financial background.

Hosur Road: The stretch of land extending from Bommanahalli to Anekal has seen major real estate development in the recent past. The huge number of professionals, working at the companies in Electronics City, forms the crux of home buyers in this area. Despite being quite far from the city centre, good connectivity via elevated expressway, NICE road and Sarjapur-Attibele road has made this locality a preferred destination for home buyers.

JP Nagar: Located in South Bangalore, JP Nagar has established infrastructure which aids in comfortable living. Moreover, the realty prices are comparatively lower here than its other counterparts like Koramangala and Indira Nagar. The metro rail network is going to start in JP Nagar very soon. Hence, the property prices are likely to see an upsurge here.

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Getting All The Entertainment You Need From Your Computer

Submitted by: Alvinqw Meyer

When I say this, the difference is not all that big a deal and some other factors that affect the audio and video on your computer are, screen quality, computer sound system and Internet connection speed. Considering the huge difference in pricing between DirecTV and PC satellite TV, you would have to be extremely exacting to want to pay all that extra money for the moderate improvement in sound and picture that DirecTV offers.

One very important point is you can watch your computer signal or output on your big screen or entertainment center, this means you are not confined to just watching the internet TV on your computer.

Similarly, computers play well with others. How often have you been frustrated with family and household members hogging the set? This problem effectively disappears when you’re watching all your favorite shows on your computer. Similarly, why pay services like DirecTV when you can facilitate and determine your own programming for little to no cost?

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Programming exposure is another big reason to choose Satellite TV for PC software. Some of the companies like DirecTV can have limits on what you can watch, even though they claim to have every channel you could wish for. What many people don’t realize is that they have limitations on what they can broadcast when and where. Blackouts on sports where particular games can’t be shown in certain parts of the country is quite common. Also there can be issues with some stations refusing to negotiate with satellite providers and yanking their programming. If this happens you could just lose your favorite channel for ever.

conclusion: The competition between the computer and television is one that is going to determine the new center of the household and in this, instance, at least, we can see the computer pulling ahead!

The National Football League is the most prestigious professional football league in America. No only is it extremely popular in the United States, but it also has a good sized following in other countries as well. Football fans who want to watch every game have often been disappointed by blacked out games. However, recent technological advances now make it possible to watch NFL games online, even the games that have been blacked out in your area. The really convenient thing about this technology is that you can watch NFL games from anywhere. All you need is a computer, high speed internet access, and an inexpensive piece of software. That software is called PC Satellite TV 2007 Titanium Edition.

The way PC Satellite TV 2007 Titanium Edition works is that the software streams TV programs to your computer. Then you can use a media player to watch the streams in the same manner that you watch videos on YouTube. Although there are a number of websites that provide satellite TV services that allow you to watch NFL games online, they vary widely in both price and quality. Some options can become very expensive in an extremely short period of time particularly if they charge you per game viewed.

However, PC Satellite TV 2007 Titanium Edition software also lets you watch football games online, but the cost is much less because you only make a single payment. The software can be installed on your computer in about 10 minutes. Once installed, you need only to pick the TV streams you want to watch from the internet. This allows you to NFL games and other sporting events on many different TV stations.

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