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Dealing With Divorce Avoid Divorce And Fix Your Marital Problems Instantly

By Kelly Purden

Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult phases in one’s life that needs couple of times to think about. It’s a very serious matter that’s why considering all the circumstances first before getting into it completely. Many couples of today end up with divorce for many reasons. However the reasons should be something that you are sure nothing in your marriage life will change and the only solution is to get a divorce. You must not give up easily on a relationship as dealing with divorce is no joke; it will make a deeper impact in your life in the future. It’s unless if your spouse is one that worth giving up for like if he’s an abusive husband or parent.

To some, avoiding the situation of getting and dealing with divorce is easy. It’s because they know how to handle well their relationship. All it takes is giving your best character and traits that you have and you should have. Take control of your marriage life as it’s the life you have.

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When encountering marital problems, tell your spouse to have a talk with you, something serious but make it calm and smooth. Know if he is willing to take chance to work out your marriage relationship. Let him know what you have been thinking then know what he has in mind too. Is he aware that dealing with divorce can become a great problem more than he think or does he really want it to happen? Do not be harsh if he said something that you don’t like. Control your feelings and keep it within you to avoid adding up trouble to the bad situation. After all you don’t want to come up dealing with divorce, right? If you feel that the temperature rises in the room, then just tell him to make a list of the things that bothers him also, and make your own too. And after a while that you both have cool down, grab a seat and exchange your lists. Do not take pride like claiming you’re not like what you’re spouse had write on the list. Instead, change the thing listed and think how you can improve yourself according to what he specifies to make your marriage relationship better.

Try spending your weekend to your parents, something that would make both of you separate from each other for a while. If he misses you, you will see him coming to get you. Avoid talking about the problem you have and enjoy the moment. If the time’s right, a good mood will change all bad aspect thus will fix your marital problems instantly. When possible, always lend an ear when he needs it. A wife that’s good listener is much better than a nagging wife. Your husband will be so glad and proud about how you respect him every time he is saying something and you listen to him. And the light bulb of love will sure not to fade out black.

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Higher Insurance Premiums Anticipated For Home Owners

By Real Estate Advisor

According to the Wall Street Journal Online, some insurance companies are now passing along the higher costs of payouts resulting from hurricanes such as Katrina, Wilma and Rita to homeowners. In fact, some insurers are withdrawing from coastal areas altogether, after incurring an estimated $56 billion of hurricane-related losses. With long-time insurers such as Allstate Corp. and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. leaving some vulnerable areas, homeowners are forced to find new insurance coverage that usually comes with a higher price tag.

With home insurers getting regulatory approval to increase premiums in states hit by hurricanes, even states that were untouched by hurricanes are expected to bear the brunt of this hike. Citing increase in reinsurance costs as a major contributing factor, many insurers such as Allstate are seeking approval to increase premiums in as many as 49 states.

Insurance Companies are now reviewing their underwriting process and trying to enforce stricter guidelines on whom to insure. Industry experts estimate that insurance premiums will climb even higher when homeowners renew their policies this year.

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Insurance premiums have already increased in Massachusetts, which hadn’t experienced a devastating hurricane in the last 50 years. Moreover, some insurance companies are not writing new policies in areas such as Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Homeowners living in these parts are forced to seek state insurance to cover their homes, which usually costs more than private insurance.

Homeowners in several states are bracing themselves for likely rise in premiums due to increased reinsurance costs. Rhode Island has already experienced increases in home insurance premiums by 10 to 15 percent over the last year. Insurers are reducing risk exposure by shifting some of the financial risk to homeowners with higher deductibles for windstorm damage.

For homeowners, dealing with the premium increases must be familiar territory. Premiums have been going up over the past few years following natural disasters in the 90s such as Hurricane Andrew (1992). According to experts, the best path for homeowners to tread is to go for policies with higher deductibles and lower premiums. Homeowners should avoid filing minor claims, which may increase their risk of being dropped by their insurer. It is also best to buy home insurance from firms with a strong financial rating.

Source: The Wall Street Journal Online, M.P. McQueen

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Boost Mobile Review Plans, Phones, Prepaid, Pros And Cons

By Christophe Catesson

Company Overview

Boost Mobile is prepaid service provider that appeals to the young and hip target market. Their coverage is provided by Sprint and based in California. Boost Mobile has been providing prepaid services for the last six years.

Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile has its Pay As You Go Plan that takes pride in its 10 cents per minute rate. Aside from its Basic Prepaid Plan, Boost Mobile also has a Prepaid Premium Plan that has higher minute and messages bundles for $30, $50 and $60 a month. Both Basic and Premium Plans can take advantage of the Chat Plan for only $1 a day.

Pros and Cons

Boost Mobile has many attractive add-on features that only require a low rate like their Chat Plan including other downloads for the youth market. Their rates are better especially for international text messages and same rates when calling outside Boost Mobile like those to Sprint and Nextel subscribers. However, their premium plans are not that different. The company only offers three premium monthly plans that are for $30, $50 and $60. Unfortunately, Boost mobile doesn’t offer free refurbished phone units for its subscribers.



Boost Mobile charges 10 cents per minute for all calls made within the calling area as well as between Boost, Nextel and Sprint subscribers. Same rates are applied for nights and weekends. The Premium Plans for $50 a month is inclusive of 400 airtime minutes while the $60 plan is good for 600 airtime minutes as well as unlimited minutes during nights and weekends. Exceeding minutes will incur the same charge of 10 cents per minute.


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All plans have web access for 35 cents a day and for unlimited usage. Whether or not the feature is used, 35 cents is deducted from the subscriber’s funds. A subscriber has to call Boost Mobile’s Customer Support to deactivate the feature to avoid the charges.

Text and picture

Text messages under Boost Mobile are for 10 cents both for sent and received as well as international text messages. Premium plans can have added $10 per month for unlimited messages excluding international text messages and multi media messages. Depending on phone compatibility, picture, audio and video messages for both sent and received are for 25 cents per message.


Boost Mobile has different rates for their international calls which differ from one country to another. Rates range from 10 cents per minute to more $2.50per minute, visit Boost Mobile’s website for international calling rates for each country.

Calling Features

For both basic and premium prepaid plans of Boost Mobile, voicemail and caller Id are available. Calling rates are charged for voicemail.

Long distance

There are no long distance charges for prepaid plans for Boost Mobile’s basic and premium plans for $30 and $50. All calls as long as within the coverage area as well as mobile-to-mobile and to subscribers of Sprint and Nextel are charged like regular calls at 10 cents a minute. For the $60 premium, long distance calls are also included in total airtime minutes; exceeding minutes will incur the same rate of 10 cents.



Payment Options

Adding minutes can be done by purchasing a refill card that is available online, accredited ATMs and in local retail stores. Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted and be configured for automatic billing.

Roaming charge

None, roaming is part of the total airtime minutes. For the Basic Prepaid plan, same rate applies.

Activation fee


Minute expiration rules

Minutes will not expire as long as the account is recharged every 90 days. Accounts should remain active that is with sufficient amount within 60 days or else Boost Mobile will terminate the account.

Customer Service

For customer support and assistance, Boost Mobile subscriber can call a toll-free number or contact them via email. Email support will respond within 2 business days.


Phones for Boost Mobile are from Motorola like the Walkie-Talkie i776, i425e, i425t and i335.

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Small Business Basics: Should I Open A Separate Business Bank Account?

Small Business Basics: Should I open a separate business bank account?


Nicole Newman

For some, starting a business is just a thought. Some initial steps are to incorporated the name and then opened a business bank account. One of the things I did wrong was hire an accountant. One of the things I did correct was to: A. Incorporate and B. Open a separate business account. Here are a few reasons to keep your business funds separate from your personal funds.

1. Clean and Accurate Bookkeeping

As we look at Financial literacy month, The Credit Woman is making sure personal finances have a budget. It is the same in business – separating a business acount can help the owner make and stick to a business budget.

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2. Proof that your Business is not a Hobby

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects that a business can prove that is it not a hobby – \”an activity not engaged in for profit.\” From, \”The IRS presumes that an activity is carried on for profit if it makes a profit during at least three of the last five tax years, including the current year — at least two of the last seven years for activities that consist primarily of breeding, showing, training or racing horses. If an activity is not for profit, losses from that activity may not be used to offset other income. An activity produces a loss when related expenses exceed income. The limit on not-for-profit losses applies to individuals, partnerships, estates, trusts, and S corporations. It does not apply to corporations other than S corporations. If you have losses that you deduct from your income three consecutive years, then the IRS may decide you are conducting a \”hobby business.\” Then the business has opened the flag for an audit. Opening a business account shows that you take your business seriously and it is not a hobby.

3. An Audit Trail for the IRS

\”Incorrect deduction of hobby expenses account for a portion of the overstated adjustments, deductions, exemptions and credits that add up to $30 billion per year in unpaid taxes, according to IRS estimates.\” That is why the IRS audits – they want to resolve some of that 30 billion in unpaid taxes per year. If your business is audited, it will be much easier as long as you have clean recordkeeping and a separate bank account. If you are paying business expenses out of a personal account, the IRS has the right to say those expenses are personal.

4. Professionalism

The Pennsylvania Women and Minority Enterprise (W/MBE) certification looks for a business account and your accounting/invoicing system is more professional when checks are being made to your business name. Freshbooks, the preferred invoicing system allows your business to upload the logo and maintain a professional appearance. The goal should be to invest into your business for the appearance of professionalism. It means that when you write checks to vendors, they see that those checks are coming from a real business. If you pay taxes, the IRS sees that the tax payments come from a real business.

5. Building Relationships

One of the most critical relationships in business is with a lender. You can not grow a business without a financial plan. Relationships are built over time, so get started building a relationship with your bank today!

Nicole Newman

is passionate about seeing businesses grow using technology tools that increase productivity. The digital divide is separating the United States into two communities: technology-savvy and technology-illiterate. With a Temple University bachelor\’s degree in Management Information Systems, she is armed with solutions.

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