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Why People Turn To Cosmetic Dentistry When Not For Vanity}

Why People Turn to Cosmetic Dentistry When Not For Vanity


Jean Brightside

There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was done purely for vanity. Many times, people have also chosen to improve their smile to make a better impression at work or in their personal life. Yet there are others who simply need to have a smile makeover in order to just go about in life at all.

Recently at Bright Side Dental, a leading cosmetic dentist in Michigan, a young man named Michael came to see the dentist. His original teeth were beyond repair, and the only solution was a full dental restoration. His teeth were in such poor condition that he could not smile, making day to day communication with people he did not know very difficult.

His family brought him to Bright Side Dental, expecting to be confronted with an enormous cost on his treatment plan, and with little hopes of Michael leaving with a natural looking smile. They really expected the cost would be too high to afford, and that his new smile would look very unnatural.

When Michael completed the work done at Bright Side Dental, his family wanted to share his experience. “I want to thank you for giving Michael the opportunity to smile. Michael has come a long way in the last year, and restoring his teeth was a huge step in him overcoming many devils. People with a full set of beautiful teeth truly take smiling for granted.”

They were very pleased, We had researched having this done before, and the cost was astronomical. Not only were you affordable, but no one could ever tell his new teeth were not his own. They are perfect! Not being able to smile truly does affect a person’s overall daily mood. When people don’t smile, it will eventually make a black mark on their spirit. We need smiles!! Thank you again!”

It is very important to Dr. Gershonowicz and Dr. Neme, founders of Bright Side Dental, to offer treatment that people are pleased with, and that is affordable. The quality of the work done at Bright Side Dental is always done to this standard. That standard is based on their philosophy We want to treat our patients the way that we would want to be treated. This begins with the level of care and the type of treatment and is taken to the very moment that the patient walks out the door.”

Dr. Neme continues, I want every patient to know that they will be given new teeth that feel and look very natural. We ensure that each patient will be fully satisfied with the work that we do. Some of our patients want a bright Hollywood” smile; others want a more casual, natural looking new smile. Either way, we painstakingly work with the patient to make sure that the look is just what they want. We can do that.”

There are numerous people who live their day to day lives unable to smile, unwilling to talk to people they don’t know, or covering their mouths when they speak to hide their teeth. With cosmetic dentistry at Michigan’s Bright Side Dental, this no longer needs to be the case.

Bright Side Dental, is a convenient Michigan cosmetic dentist, with locations in Sterling Heights, Canton and Livonia. Open evenings and Saturdays, and offering same-day emergency dental appointments whenever possible.


Bright Side Dental

, a convenient

Michigan cosmetic dentist

, with locations in Sterling Heights,


and Livonia. Open evenings and Saturdays, and offering same-day emergency dental appointments whenever possible.

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The Repercussions Of Not Treating A Cavity}

The Repercussions of Not Treating a Cavity


Jordan Rocksmith

Almost everybody gets at least one cavity throughout the course of their lives. Although it’s not fun, getting a cavity almost always certainly requires a visit to the dentist. However, as many people have a phobia of going to the dentist, they don’t always go in to have a cavity filled. It may not seem like a big deal, but skipping a filling actually has longstanding repercussions and can have very serious consequences. If you’re scheduled for a cavity filling in the near future and you’re contemplating canceling the appointment, listen up. Here’s why you shouldn’t cancel that appointment to have your cavity filled. If you suspect that you have a cavity, make sure that you schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist, such asSheldon Hough, D.D.S., Inc.

Cavities Can Turn into Root Canals

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If left untreated, cavities have the potential to turn into root canals. How so? If a cavity is left unfilled/untreated, it increases the tooth’s chance of infection. When an infection makes its way into the root of the tooth, a root canal is required. The reason a cavity is filled is to prevent any infection from making its way into the root of the tooth. By having a cavity filled, you are preventing any risk of further infection. Your mouth is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria; this makes your teeth particularly prone to severe infection. Instead of undergoing the pain associated with a root canal, simply go in to your dentist and have your cavity filled. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the long run by doing so.

The Tooth Can Crack or Chip

Any tooth that requires a cavity filling is already inherently weakened; due to this, it’s also at a higher risk of cracking or chipping. A filling can help keep a tooth strong, and can help protect it from exterior influences such as grinding or particularly tough and sticky foods. When a tooth cracks or chips, it opens up the passageways in the tooth for infection. And, as mentioned before, when an infection is allowed to ferment within a tooth, it almost always leads to a necessary root canal (or sometimes a complete extraction of the tooth). Instead of endangering the health of your tooth/teeth, simply have your cavity filled. A cavity filling is a simple, painless dental procedure. Schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist such asSheldon Hough, D.D.S., soon as possible if you suspect that you have a cavity.

Schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist such as

Sheldon Hough, D.D.S., Inc.

as soon as possible if you suspect that you have a cavity. To know more about us, visit

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The Repercussions of Not Treating a Cavity

How To Choose A Dentist

By Dr. Natalie Ann Amann

Pretty much everyone knows that seeing a dentist regularly is important to good overall oral health. However, most people do not know how to choose a dentist. How can you know if they are a good dentist or not? However, what you need to know is that there are two main considerations that will affect your choice — how a dentist treats you as a person and how he or she treats your mouth. The following are some questions to ask yourself or your dentist, good answers indicate a good dentist.

1. What is the dentist’s philosophy for performing dentistry?

Knowing the philosophy of your dentist is going to help you know if your philosophies match. So ask questions like:

–What determines your choice of putting in a crown rather than a filling?

–What standards do you have in regard to pulling a tooth?

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–When do you decide to refer a patient to a specialist?

Part of a dentist’s job is to educate you, their patient about how they make their choices.

2. What continuing education has the dentist had within the past year?

Dental procedures change, new technology and better methods are developed. You should choose a dentist that is dedicated to keep up with the latest developments in their field. So, ask your dentist what continuing education they have had, and if they have not had any, ask why. Knowing the extra courses and training they have gotten can make you feel very comfortable with them.

3. Have you been treated with respect and concern?

While the skill of the dentist is important, so is using a dentist that respects your wishes, and treats you with respect. You’re not a tooth with a problem, you’re a person with teeth, so make sure you are treated that way, no matter how good or bad your teeth are. A good dentist will ask you questions about your needs and ask if you have any special fears or concerns, they will help you overcome fears, and they will make you feel important and respected, not just a means to an ends.

4. Did the dentist discuss with you a treatment plan, and get your input, or simply tell you how it is?

Rather than just telling you what to do, and then get started, he or she should explain the results of the exam, show you photos, etc. and work with you to develop a total treatment plan based on the big picture of your oral health and wellness. Each step, including cost and time period should be discussed, and the two of you should decide what you can afford, what is most important, what must be treated right away, and what can wait. A plan that is patient driven, not insurance driven is important. Remember, you want a dentist who can offer enough information to help you make an informed decision.

5. Does the dentist ask for a complete medical history?

Your detailed medical history will be important for many reasons including determining allergies and possible drug interactions or intolerances.

This should be routine at your initial exam and then followed up at every cleaning appointment. Your dentist needs to look not only at your teeth, but your entire mouth.

About the Author: Dr. Natalie Ann Amann, DDS, is a leading King of Prussia dentist. Dr. Amann and the King of Prussia Smile Center specialize in Smile Makeovers, Dental Implants and Sedation Dentistry. Visit the

or call (610) 265-3939.


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Baby Boomer Wanting Those Dentist White Teeth For A Fraction Of The Cost

Baby Boomer wanting those Dentist White Teeth for a fraction of the Cost


Dana Dennison

Are you one of the 75 million Baby Boomers? Have you spent years indulging in tobacco, drinking coffee, sodas and the occasional red wine at night to unwind? I bet when you look in the mirror and smile your not to happy with what looks back at you. You can change all that for a fraction of the cost to you. You don t have to go to the dentist and pay the high prices for whitening your teeth.

YouTube Preview Image

Its important to realize what we all want to know is how to get those Whiter Teeth again. What is offered out there to help achieve Whiter Teeth? I have done some research on this very thing. You could go to the dentist and spend from $500 dollars and up. You go threw a process of having your molds made. Your molds come in and you make your first appointment and they put the Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel in your trays and then sit you under a light for 1 to 2 hours. You will need to do this for 4 to 5 sessions. Then they say ok your teeth are white, in most cases they are and your pocket book is a little lighter. There will be a touch up appointment made in 6 months. They will send you home with gel and your molds for you to use at home. You ask yourself why I would want to spend all that money and all my time to go to the dentist for that white smile I could get for less money and in the privacy of my own home.

You could take the At Home Whitening challenge, save money, be in charge of your own time and do the whitening in the privacy of your own home. It is possible in most cases to achieve dental office quality whitening with Teeth Whitening Gel at home. The teeth whitening gel used with the mold-able tray system is easy and affordable. Another key point is your getting dentist quality gels for whitening your teeth for much less. In addition you can purchase the light source to speed up the whitening process. It s small, portable and hands free.

Therefore you are spending less money on the same whitening gels dentist use and you re in charge of your money and time. If your wanting that White Smile back you should consider the At Home Whitening process, be smart with your money and time.

Dana Dennison is a Baby Boomer looking in the mirror and not liking what she s seen. The author invites you to visit:

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Pediatric Dentistry: A Special Kind Of Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry: A Special Kind of Dentistry


Loretta John

Pediatric dentistry is a division of dentistry that specializes in taking care of children s teeth and oral cavity from birth to adolescence. Unlike a normal dentistry, a pediatric dentist knows very well how to handle kids of all ages. They are trained in child psychology and management to ensure that the patient would not think of dental procedures as painful and scary.

Different pediatric dentists each have their own specific ways of dealing with the patients. Some offer a reward, like a piece of candy or lollipop, while some embellish their offices with cartoon characters and different themes. These approaches may vary, but in the end, the main goal is still is to make the patient s visit as enjoyable as possible.

For dentists to get authorized to practice pediatric dentistry, they have to take a couple or more extra years of post doctoral dental training after they get their dental degree. During these extra years, they study how to handle children s teeth and oral cavity as well as child psychology and management. They also learn how to handle special kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, retardation and many more.

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bartlett pediatric dentistry

, utmost importance is given to tooth decay prevention. Bad teeth could cause a decline in school performance and social rapport, which can cause children to be timid and shy at a very young age. One thing that can, in some cases, never be out grown.

For younger kids, the maintaining baby teeth until it naturally come out are one of the top priorities.

Bartlett dentists

also teach both parents and their children about proper home teeth care. Children should be taken to the dentist at least once every six months. Of course, kids should know to properly clean their teeth without the help of an adult.

As the kids get older, the task of a pediatric

bartlett dentist

also changes because of the emergence of permanent teeth. He or she focuses on giving advice on what could cause tooth decay and stains like drinking too much coffee and smoking. Pediatric dentists usually stay as their patients dentist for a long time; are all they are just a dentist with a different specialty.

Visit for details and information.

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Mexico Vacation Rentals Finding Your Ideal Rental On The Riviera Maya

Submitted by: Thomas L. Lloyd

When you start planning your vacations on the Riviera Maya, one of the points you will want to consider most carefully is the Mexican vacation rental condo or home you will enjoy your stay in, and its location. The following are a few points to consider which can help you make this choice easily.

When you start planning your vacations on the Riviera Maya, one of the points you will want to consider most carefully is the Mexico vacation rentals condo or home you will enjoy your stay in, and its location. The following are a few points to consider which can help you make this choice easily, (which, incidentally, are not too different from one possible way of looking for Mexico real estate in the area!)


Playa del Carmen and the surrounding communities have condos and homes on or near the beachfront of many shapes and sizes. Renting is usually considered the best option for small groups of vacationers who can enjoy a private property to themselves. It is also a good option for a couple, for example, that simply prefers to get a little more for their money a little more space, a little privacy, a little more style and a little personal taste. For some, a cozy garden condo would do the trick; for others (even just 2 people) a large, spacious penthouse or villa would be a nice touch.

YouTube Preview Image

Nearby Beaches

One factor that many people forget to check is which beachfront areas are actually a walk away from their rental. Since all the beaches in the Riviera Maya are simply splendid, with soft, white sand and warm, bright-turquoise colored water, it is somewhat understandable. However, there are some beaches which are isolated out in the jungle, with nothing more than a cabin or two on them. Others are in the heart of the downtown tourism area with trendy beach clubs. Wouldn t you rather be closer to the beach that suits your tastes best?


Other location factors need to be considered; is there a supermarket nearby? Is that important to you? Are there restaurants, bars, cafes and live music venues a walk away? Or perhaps you prefer jungle where you ll see monkeys and foxes. Maybe you re a golf lover; Playa del Carmen is considered to be Latin America s golf capital and there are a number of professionally designed golf courses with home and condos right next door.

For any rental you consider, take some time, research these issues. Look up descriptions of communities and beachfront areas on the internet. Ask the rental agent about the surrounding area. Some details may be small, but can make a big difference during your vacation.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”

Region: Playa del Carmen real estate Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

About the Author: “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”Region:Playa del Carmen real estate Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments.


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