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Provocative Adult Style Girls Clothing Is It Psychologically Healthy}

Provocative Adult Style Girls Clothing Is it Psychologically Healthy


Susie Cremwald

There you are, walking through your local mall and you come across a group of girls and a couple of them are dressed almost like strippers. Whats even more shocking than that they are dressed that way in their early teens, is that their parents allow it. You then look down at your nine year old daughter and wonder for a moment what types of fashions she will find attractive a handful of years from now when she is a young teen.

Media Bombardment

Young kids of both sexes are bombarded by the media with new concepts in clothing design every day. Clothing designers and manufactures have a bottom line to look after and the fact is, that its old news by now that sex sells. Also clothing designers and retailers are taking a lesson for tobacco and liquor marketers and reaching out to a younger generation to increase sales profits.

A Classic Debate

So chances are your teen will at some point come to you with a request to wear some type of clothing that you find objectionable. Its a debate that has taken place in households for generations and your home is no different. There are however, some things that you can be aware of that will give you an edge when advising your young teen on what is and what is not appropriate to wear.

Beat Them at Their Own Game

First, understand that if you child is the product of a broken home she always has the other parent to turn to to veto any decisions that the first parent has made. This can make it difficult if you are not on reasonable terms with her other parent. One trick that has worked for parents in the past is to beat them at their own game. Inform your teen that you are going to wear anything that that they wear and even worse. Go to a second hand store and put together a bag-lady outfit and ask your daughter how she would like to be seen with you when you are wearing it, because you are ready and willing to do so.

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Get Your First Profits With Medical Billing Business}

Submitted by: Peter Morgans

There are a lot of spheres where a person may earn some money but there are spheres where profits are really high. One of those spheres is considered to be health care and a lot of people want to open a new business and get profits as soon as possible. One of the ways to enter this sort of business is to consider a medical billing business. You will not be able to become a doctor but you will have a chance to help doctors all over the country.

First of all, you will need to get the proper education and certain investments will be needed. The investment will not be so big and all you need is to get a computer, printer and claims processing software. The education will not take long and three months will be able to learn how to do a medical billing business. Finally, within nine months, you will have everything you need to attract new clients. The business may be run at home and this will provide you with a chance to fulfill your household duties as well.

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If you start a new business, you will be highly motivated to get started and the most important thing here is not to lose all your energy before you find the first client. The main activity to be done here is to process and manage all the insurance claims. There are a lot of claims and health care specialists are looking for the medical help and assistance. You may become the one that would be able to attract certain profits. The main attention you need to pay is your education and you may get medical billing training in one of the community colleges.

Besides, you may need to get certain education in business management as well. In addition to all the mentioned details, you will need to get a sort of accounting software that would help you follow all sorts of calculations and your income. But, the main thing here is to prevent any excess financial losses that may ruin your business. The business is rather easy and it may become profitable even if you have just one client. To find your first clients, you need to do some walking as well and by visiting different clinics, you will be able to gather business cards. The simplest way to find a provider of the medical services is your local medical clinic as you will be able to start up a business relation with the office manager.

Another thing you need to think about is to get a license for doing a home business if there is a requirement in your state. Try keeping an eye on all the financial records you may have and your accounting needs to be filled out in the perfect way. Also, you need to consider the taxes you are going to pay and the profits need to be higher than all your expenses. At first, the business may not be so profitable but within one year, your profits will be enough to lead a normal life.

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The 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic}

Submitted by: Kiteboarding Stuff

This September 20, 2014, Saturday to September 26, 2014, Friday will be the 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic. This affair is organized by REAL Watersports and it will take place in the Outer Banks of the United States. The Cape Hatteras Wave Classic is an open event, meaning everyone is invited to join the kiteboarding fun! Whether you are a professional rider or not, wherever you are in the world, theres no problem; you can definitely enter. There will be two divisions: the Mens Open and the Womens Open.

And September comes with epic conditions for kitesurfing in Cape Hatteras so the event will no doubt be a classic as well.

The 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic will be $100 and it will comprise of a Cape Hatteras Wave Classic event shirt, a welcome dinner and an entry for the opening party, the awards dinner and after party plus the appropriation for the prize.

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The event schedule will be: for the first day, from 4:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the early evening would be allotted for registration. The welcoming dinner and opening party will then follow. Between September 21, Sunday to September 26, the last day, everyone is to wait and be ready for the competition proper will happen anytime the conditions are best and in its finest. This occasion will then close with the awards dinner and after party from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening.

Participants will be judged according to the following criteria: 50% for wave riding, 25% for tricks and the remaining 25% for the overall impression. Everyone should do so to claim victory!

Sponsor for this first of its kind affair are, once more, REAL Watersports, BEST Kiteboarding, Watermens Bar & Grill, Watermens Retreat, Carolina Brewery, Red Bull, The Outer Banks of North Carolina (, Outer Beaches Realty, Quiksilver and Slingshot.

You can go get in touch with the organizers at or 252-987-6000 if you have any inquiries or you want any more information.

REAL Watersports was brought into being in 2002 and they started out in Cape Hatteras teaching kiteboarding. And now, after more or less 12 years, they are a global brand and business that offers surfing and kite gear and lessons and camps, not only locally but worldwide at that. They are mainly located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, which is widely recognized as the best place to kiteboard in the world, and it is the East Coast #1 surfing destination. With gear including clothes and accessories updated and improved everyday, plus kiting tutorials daily, it is for sure that REAL Watersports is out to spread the love and passion for the water sport. Team riders that represent REAL are Jason Slezak, Josh Mulcoy, Matt Keenan, Brandon Scheid, Eric Rienstra and Ian Alldredge.

Now, with the 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic, REAL Watersports is intensifying and building up their name and legacy. Well, we are looking forward to this! To all the competitors, the best of luck! There is no doubt this will be a successful one. Congratulations in advance to all!

About the Author: We’ve been kiting, and surfing, for the last few years in San Diego, California, and we absolutely love being headquartered just blocks away from the ocean. And we have a fantastic team here helping us with

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Fashion You Can’t Resist: Pacific Clothing

Submitted by: Mena K Samoa

Cool summer parties and the exotic beach visits encourage the pacific fashion trends and let people get indulged in shopping for hot Hawaiian dresses and amazing pacific designs. These designs are very attractive and perfectly suit every occasion and function. Adorned with the right accessories, you can get a perfect look and can let people ogle you, while you flaunt your amazing Fashion sense. Below mentioned are some of the tips that can help you select your perfect dress and help you stand out of the crowd.

Selecting a dress according to the occasion is necessary. Another thing that matters is how comfortable you are with the dress. Tropical clothing has the wide variety of options to choose from. Long and short skirts are always in. Other than that, you can select short dresses, printed trousers, tunics and much more.

When you are out for the shopping of pacific designs, make sure that you pick the colors that complements your skin tone, eye and hair color. Other than this, get something that matches the occasion and the place you are going to visit. If you are going to a beach, select something floral and something bright, if attending a wedding.

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While you are picking up your Hawaiian dress, keep in mind the climate of the place. Although pacific clothing has been designed to suit the atmosphere, but you should take care of the dress you are selecting.

Perfect accessories make a huge difference to the way you look. Right accessories can bring the best out of your dress, while wrong combinations can lead to a disaster. Wear matching shawl, and adorn right handbag to bring out the best tropical patterns. Accessorise your dress with chunky jewellery, which emphasize your dress style. For shoes, high heels and flats, both are in fashion; select the one which makes you feel comfortable. Although, high heels blends well with the perfect look of the Hawaiian dress, but you can choose wedges and bellies for a beach visit.

These designs are very attractive and perfectly suit every occasion and function. Adorned with the right accessories, you can get a perfect look and can let people ogle you, while you flaunt your amazing Fashion sense. Below mentioned are some of the tips that can help you select your perfect dress and help you stand out of the crowd.

The best part is you need not to travel to the place to buy your favorite tropical clothing. Boutiques and online shopping stores have stirred the high demand of the Samoan fashion, and now, you can enjoy Tropical fashion wherever you reside.

One thing of great notice is that when you are doing online shopping; always try your clothes as soon as you get them, to ensure they fit well. In case, if the product is too loose or too tight, contact the customer care service for the speedy exchange.

Hawaiian dresses are the best option to look perfect for every occasion, whether it is a wedding, a hang out with friends, or a special dinner date with someone special. Next time when you ought to get dressed, check out the amazing collection with us to save your time and energy. Remember to stop at us and check out the authentic tropical prints.

About the Author: MENA produce outstanding Resort Wear for New Zealand with inspiring styling from Samoan dresses. So do not forget to pack in your favourite resort clothing the next time you are off to Auckland for your vacation, or log onto

for more information on Resort Clothing Auckland.


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