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Carine Roitfeld did not become a supermodel when she was young, but when she become a magazine editor she began to popular. She even has lead a trend of a city almost, or even a wave of global fashion. She is really amazing.

But in the last month of 2010, she suddenly announced her resignation, although she elegantly said that “I can walk away when I am in the top, it is a very good thing”. However there is much speculation behind the scenes. People all think that her deviant behavior leads to her resignation. Carine Roitfeld is a famous person who is an anti-fashion element and is offensive of unlimited purchases, does not like to speak for luxury brands. So people all think that this is the reason why she was dismissed by the luxury company which she was in charge.

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Unfortunately, we’ll never hear such words “Cartier should not be gift sent by a husband to his wife’s, but should be a lover’s gift.” It is difficult to see a fashion magazine editor who dares to voice luxurious fur for ridicule, questioning high-priced jewelry, watches. Insiders pointed out that if the dismissed rumors are true, then that proves the luxury brand of the Group further strengthened the efforts to control public opinion on fashion. Because the luxury market in Asia in recent years has developed (particularly in China). In order to make the local consumers get access to consumer luxury goods, so some of the brands are all very self-image of the publicity value and unbearable that there are “dissident” elements in the meddling.

It is predicted that in the next 5 years, consumption of luxury goods in China are willing to rose from 40 million to 1.6 million, its second and third cities is the main support of luxury goods industry. In their view, comprehensive “guidance” of these consumers through its conspicuous consumption of the stage, is what the fashion media should do.

People all said the today s fashion market can keep up with Japan in the late eighties. However Japan has more balanced industy, even after the economic bubble burst, the Japanese can emerge in the low-end brands, such as we UNIQLO. If you do not strengthen the balanced development of industry, the same circumstances will happen to us. How is the development of the fashion industry? Apply the famous Chinese actor Jiang Wen’s saying “Let the fashion slow down for a while or fly again fast “, perhaps the development of fashion market will be able to see more clearly.

Cartier as the leader of luxury brand, it has gained a further development in recent years. As we can see that it has positively has an absorption of new and good elements. It has fell in love with the eastern elements. In many products of Cartier, we can see this element, such as its orchid series necklace. But we still hope Cartier can slow down her pace and have a good rest then start again. It will be more wonderful.

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